The Rock, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, NY at 4:15pm

My son,
I come to you today as Jesus The Redeemer of the world. I come to you also as the Saviour of All Mankind, not just for the Christians of the world who have chosen to follow me, but as the Redeemer and Saviour of All Mankind, for every soul on this planet belongs to the Father in Heaven, and it is the plan of the Holy Trinity to save all souls of humanity.

You see, the plan of the Father was decided before the first thoughts resulted in all that is created in the material realms, and each and every one of you, my brothers and sisters, has been planned by the Father since before He first created all that there is.

So do not think of yourself as insignificant in the greater scheme of the Universe. Your Divine Creator and Father has great love for you. What more proof do you need but to recognize that at the very beginning you were in His mind and in His thoughts? In the plan and creation of the Universe, each and every one of you has held a special place in the heart of the Father in Heaven.

You must then realize that the Father never intended for His creations to live in pain and suffering, for these are the result of humanity turning away from the Father, and dismissing the Father here on Earth, as if He didn’t exist in the eternal and heavenly realms in which each and every one of you has been invited to participate in the future, when your time here on Earth is over.

What greater proof do you need of the love of the Father for all humanity when you look at the beauty of the world and the beauty of the Universe beyond, which is unlimited in your perception?

The limits of your Father’s love for you also knows no boundaries and limitations. The love of the Father is even greater than the material universe that He has created for all of you to participate in this journey of creation to witness and experience all that there is in the Universe.

I recognize that it is difficult for you here on Earth to recognize the future that is in store for you, especially when you look downtrodden throughout your life, as you step through the mud without ever looking up to the stars and the brilliance of the Universe that portrays for you the depth and the beauty of the love of the Father, whose love is without limit for His chosen creations, each and every one of you.

Recognizing, therefore, the plan of the Father and how the Father has included you personally in His plans, does it not bode well for you to embrace the Father in Heaven and His Son, through the power of the Holy Spirit to live lives that not only recognize the Father in Heaven, but that also pay homage to the mission that each and every one of you has been given by the Father?

As you trudge through your daily existence, do you not see that the Father in Heaven is looking over you and wanting only the best for you? It is a simple request that He has of you that you recognize Him as your Creator each and every moment of each and every day; that you pay homage to the Father through your prayers and good works; that you have love for your neighbor as well as for yourself; that you learn to grow and cherish the love of the Father throughout your lives; and that you convey the love of the Father to all of your brothers and sisters without regard to their ethnicity, race, or religion.

For you are to evangelize to all of the sons and daughters. Your evangelization must take place through your recognition of me as the Son of the Father, who He has chosen to manifest as His representation to all of you here on Earth that He is the Father and I am His Son, and together through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Eternal Triune of One is here for you to embrace to realize your destiny.

When your mission is completed here, each and every one of you will return home to the Father in Heaven, but your journey’s success depends on how you lead your life so that you can benefit from all that the Father offers you in the Eternal Realms. So prepare yourself now each and every day as your journey continuously and always leads to your ultimate reward.

If you remember this thought in all that you do each and every day, can you deny that you have a very important mission to do in your life that extends above and beyond the mundane activities of your daily life?

So begin now to set aside each and every day a time of prayer and meditation so that you will receive the gifts of the knowledge of your mission in life, for the time draws short for each and every one of you to answer the calling that the Father in Heaven is making to each and every one of you.

Are you ready to answer that calling now from me as the Lord and Saviour? Is it not time for you to set aside your mundane existence and come to me for your support and guidance in all your activities?

Turn your thoughts over to me now through prayer and meditation and listen to the soft voice of your Lord and Saviour who now speaks to each and every one of you to assure that your journey through eternity will be rewarded by your future existence in the heavenly realms.

The time is now for you to return to me. I promise you the eternal love of the Father, if you follow me now.

I come to you today as the Lord and Saviour of all humanity. Please respond to my call and experience the Divine Mercy of the Triune God, the Father; the Son as the Lord, Saviour, and Redeemer; and the Holy Spirit.

Message ended 4:43pm
From Jesus The Redeemer