The Rock, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, New York, Palm Sunday at 2:00pm

My son,

Today we celebrate my triumphant return to Jerusalem where it seems that so many years ago my bothers and sisters here on Earth accepted me as the Redeemer, as the Son of the Father, who came here to you to fulfill the promise of My Father that it is His Plan not to desert His children.

On my journey with you when I lived incarnate on the face of the Earth, it was the fulfillment of the wishes of the Father to return all of His children to the fold of the Father. Through ions of time, the Father in Heaven watched as His children moved further and further away from His Light and began to live in darkness, actually turning away from the Signs and Wonders of ancient times that gave ample warning to the masses to return to the fold of the Father. But alas, in those times, many of your brothers and sisters ignored the warnings of the Father and great chastisements fell upon the face of the earth.

Your Father in Heaven has great patience and even greater mercy for His children and He has patiently, through thousands of years, watched as the harmony and order of His original creation has been replaced by darkness, chaos, confusion, and despair. The simple reason why this has happened to humanity is that mankind for many years now has moved away from a knowledge of the spiritual nature of all men and women and has moved into a secular world divorced from the blessings and beatitudes that were originally bestowed upon mankind by the Father in Heaven.

Not so many years ago in terms of My own perception of time, I incarnated in the womb of my Blessed Mother, Mary, and my journey on behalf of the Father with you, My brothers and sisters, began. Even in my own childhood here on Earth, I began to become aware of my true identity as part of the The Triune, The Trinity of God.

You see, I became flesh, just as all of you have become flesh, but my true nature is one and the same as the Father. For only through the incarnation of the Son of the Father could the Divine Plan of the Father be restored here on Earth.

Despite the miracles and wonders that I had performed, and despite the healing and casting out of dark spirits that were performed by Me to many during the times of my earthly life, I was still not accepted by those members of humanity who put their pride and egos before their humility and innocence, and they chose to crucify Me, rather than to recognize that I was of and about the work of My Father here on Earth, and that I was here to fulfill the covenant that was promised by the Father to all of humanity.

Now in these modern times, I am here again among you, but not in the flesh, rather in the Spirit, and I am here among you to ask you to continue the work of the Father that comes to you through Me, as I appear to you in your hearts and souls, in your every waking moments, and in your dreams.

For my mission with you as your Saviour is never ending, and I am here for those of you who answer the calling and for those of you who allow the Divine Spark to be ignited within you; for now is the time that I have returned to my brothers and sisters in Spirit to lead you to the heavenly home that the Father has prepared for you.

You are in the times that have been prophesied since the most ancient times. There is nothing new in creation to the Father, since He is all-wise and all-knowing, and He has prepared His creation and His children to bear out the plans that He has had for all of creation.

Do you recognize now that there is a strange wind blowing across the world in these times? Do you see how the world appears to be out of balance and more unstable than it has ever been before? This is because there is a Great Shaking going on within the consciousness of all humanity, which is preparing all of you for the times ahead. For we are already in a period of time of great change and transition and there are more great changes ahead for all of humanity. The world is now experiencing growing pains, and the planet is actually groaning from the weight of the sins of mankind that has been accumulating for too long now.

As a result, there are corrections being made now to return the world and all of humanity to a sense of order, a peaceful sense of order and serenity that allows the inhabitants of the world to finally focus on the most important things in your lives, and not on the secular things that have been enslaving much of humanity that has lost sight of the plans of the Father.

You are being asked now to steel yourselves and prepare for the times ahead. Spend your time now more resolutely in prayer and meditation and reception of the sacraments. I am telling you now to prepare yourselves for the times ahead. For the times are short now and I am asking all of my brothers and sisters to focus your lives more fully on your spiritual role as a brother and sister to all of humanity, not just to your family members, and friends, and loved ones, but also to your enemies.

The Father in heaven wants an end to all aggression and war. The planet is groaning now from the bloodshed and the violence and the cup of darkness and iniquity is running over. The earth can no longer tolerate the darkness that is being created by the darkest of the souls among you who have been doing the work of the evil forces for too long now in the eyes of the Father. So great changes are in the winds and the winds are descending on the entire planet now. These are the winds of change, and the winds of Divine Mercy, for the Father in Heaven, and I as His Son, have great mercy for all the living souls, both brothers and sisters, here on the earth.

What is it that God the Father is asking of you? He is asking you to recognize that it is I as the Son and Redeemer who walked among you several thousand years ago. But my death and resurrection then was as it is now, timelessly in the present. There is no present or past, or future in eternity, and in that sense I am always with you.

My journey here on Earth is always with you. My journey on earth then, my crucifixion and death then, is just as in the present as you are now. So do not think of what happened to me then for it is happening right now here on earth, and it is all around you. The violence, the war, and the death of the ancient times are still being perpetrated upon humanity today by the same dark forces that were responsible for my crucifixion and death then.

Do you see that all of you, in a very real way today, are just as present in my journey of two thousand years ago, because the problems of yesterday are still being manifested today around the world by ruthless and secular leaders, who are trying to manipulate, enslave, and control you for their own personal greed and ambition, contrary to the desires of your Father in Heaven and contrary to my desires as His only begotten Son?

The problems of the world back then are just as manifest today because much of humanity has already forgotten the message that I brought to you before my crucifixion and death. Two thousand years ago, I was welcomed triumphantly in Jerusalem as the palm branches of friendship were laid at my feet. How fleeting was the adulation that only several days would pass before I was spat upon, stripped of my garments, scourged, and crucified.

Will you allow this to happen to Me again? That is the challenge that I raise to all of you my brothers and sisters. You must see yourselves as the citizens of Jerusalem in current times. Will you honor and cherish Me as the Son of the Father today but return to the secular world tomorrow and deny My presence in your life?

You see, what I ask of you is more than your recognition on the Sabbath, but your recognition of Me in every second, minute, hour, and day of your life. I want you to recognize that I am making the time to be with you, but it is up to you to make that time available for me to be with you to strengthen and heal you at every turn and to be there to protect and inspire you at every moment.

All I ask in return is that you turn your own life over fully and completely to Me for I am your Lord and Saviour, and it is I who will lead you into Paradise into the arms of the Father. But alas, I cannot do this on my own. Even I, as the Son and Redeemer, can only redeem you with your own cooperation. But your cooperation must be total and complete.

Your commitment to me must be without condition or regret. Your commitment to me must be without restriction or remorse. Your commitment must be to recognize that I am your Redeemer and you are my son, you are my daughter, you are my brother, and you are my sister, and I am here for you always and eternally.

Is it asking too much for you to come forward and to become part of me? I come to you today to heal your wounds, to strengthen your will, and to convey the Divine Mercy of the Father.

With all of these gifts for the taking, will you choose to continue to deny Me? I love you, My Children, and want only the best for you so that you can live your lives here on earth in preparation for your journeys home to the place that the Father has prepared for all of His children.

Jesus of Nazareth

End: 2:48