Photo: Basilica de Notre Dame de Pontmain, Pontmain France. April 1, 2006. Ned Dougherty (2nd from right) with French pilgrims minutes after receiving a message from Our Lady of Pontmain in the Apparition Chapel to the rught of photo.

The Apparition Chapel Notre Dame

Pontmain, France at 5:00pm


Message from Notre Dame de Pontmain

My dear son,

Again, I invite you to France. Now I have brought you here to the site where I first appeared to the children in 1871. Only the children could see me and learn of my wishes for the world and particularly for the people of France at that time.

Now I appear here again at Pontmain for I have great sorrow for the people of France for they no longer know of My Son’s Love for them. How greatly I grieve for France for I have loved the people of France and have always held them close to my heart. I still love them but they are not recognizing my Love nor the Love of My Son Jesus, The Redeemer of the world.

When the times came about that were leading to the End Times in the world, it was here in France where I appeared to many children and to many adults also, to both men and women. My mission and journey then was the same as it is now. My children! There is much that you need to know and learn about the future of the world.

My beloved France has been caught up in the secularization of the world, in the material things that bring you great comfort, but only fleetingly. I see now how my children are living and it saddens me. They do not know of my Love for them or of the Love of My Son for them. The churches are closing or closed all over France and now this is happening throughout the world where the people have become materialistic and have lost their spiritual roots.

Now around the world, the new world order is taking charge of the affairs of all of mankind in every country but, alas, their intentions are not for the good of the people. The order they speak of is not the order of God the Father, or of My Son, The Redeemer of the world, or of the Holy Spirit.

The plan of the new world order is a deceit of the evil one who is planning on conquering the world, but he will not be successful. The original order of creation, as provided to you by God The Father, will prevail for the benefit of all mankind, but not for the self-appointed few who believe it is within their power to control all of you for their own enrichment.

The time will come soon when there will be a great collapse within the world that will affect many of your economies. These will be sad and grave times for those of you who have not been listening to my messages.

For those of you who are living within the Light of My Son, these will be glorious times and you will actually find yourselves reveling in the sight of the Lord and Redeemer while the others among you will be languishing in self-pity and doubt, because all that has been important to them in their material lives will be taken away. They will be left with themselves in depression because they will not have the tools that have been given to you by My Son and by me your Heavenly Mother to live through the most important period in the history of humanity.

You are all here today on the face of the planet because you have very important work to do for the Lord and Saviour. It is through your powerful prayers in these times that the world will be changed for the better and the Era of Peace will be ushered into and around the world. The changes will be brought about by you the Chosen Ones, and not by the ministers of my enemy, the evil one, who is attempting to bind the world in materialism and greed, bringing doubt to the world concerning the promise of the Father and The Son of an eternal paradise in Heaven.

So know now that the time is near when great changes will come about on the planet. Know that you have great responsibilities to reach out to your brothers and sisters and bring them back into the arms of My Son for it is only through Him that great changes will come about in the world, changes that will usher in the Era of Peace.

Gravely and unfortunately, great wars are again looming in the future of humanity because you as a people have not been listening to my warnings and the words of My Son.

When he traveled among you as My Son on the face of the earth, He carried a message of love from The Father that never included a call to bear arms against your brothers and sisters for all human souls on the face of the planet are your brothers and sisters.

How is it that you continue to raise armies and bear arms against your neighbors? How is it that you call upon the name of God to wreck the world with violence and war and the savagery of bullets and bombs? Did My Son ever tell you to raise armies to fight one another? Did He not ask you to turn the other cheek and show peace and love for each other? How is it that your leaders continue to use the great religions of the world to exercise their own power and control over you through bullets and bombs?

They want you to respond to terrorism with more terrorism. This is not the way of the Lord. The Lord and Saviour and God the Father never planned for you to war with each other. You must turn away from the self-proclaimed leaders of any religion in the world who tell you that violence is the way of God The Father, or the way of My Son. How many times and how many ways must I tell you that there must be no more war in the world or the ending for humanity will be quite bitter and soon?

Great wars are ahead for you if you do not bring about change in the world. You know now that you have the power through prayer to change the world for the better. You must turn away from the leaders who are bringing you further into wars. The argument that there is violence against you and that it is terrorism which justifies you engaging in your own form of terrorism must end.

In the eyes of God, there is no terrorism or war that is any different, one from the other. Such terms should not be determined through the eyes of materialistic and greedy leaders among you who justify their own wars.

All terrorism and war should be defined through the eyes of the children. For the children in their innocence see the ravages of violence and war and the children want to bring all war to an end. For the children of the world are much closer to God than their elders, and the children know through their eyes that God wants an end to all wars.

War is the tool of the evil one in promoting an end to the world and the warriors are all the minions of the darkness and the evil one for they are doing the work of Satan in bringing great ruin to the world.

Now you know why I appear so often in places throughout the world to the children. For the children have the innocence and the courage to recognize that Gods plan for mankind never included man lifting his hand against his neighbor or against his brother. Is it not time for all humanity to understand Gods plan and lay down your arms against one another?

You must do this now and end all fighting and all wars. If you call yourself a child of God, you must turn away from any leader who tells you differently. What if all the people of God in every major religion and all the God-fearing people of the world who have no recognized religion turned away from the warrior leaders? There would be no one left to fight their battles.

It is time now for mankind to return to the Era of Peace. You will never usher in the Era of Peace by continuing the fighting and the wars.

The time is now to bring all wars to an end!

I come to you now as Notre Dame de Pontmain.

Convey my love eternally to the people of France and to all the peoples of the world!

Pray for Peace in the world and you can make it happen now!

End: 5:45pm

Pontmain, France

Neds Commentary on Message of April 1, 2006

In January 1871, the once tranquil area of Brittany-Normandy in northwestern France was struck by a number of unfortunate events. The German army was invading the area; a Typhoid plague was out of control; and Small-pox was also spreading from village to village. Farmers were hiding their possessions, money, crops, wine and linen, fearing confiscation by the invading Germans. Even the natural elements seemed to be disturbed with unusual Signs from Heaven, Aurora Borealis, in the northern night skies and erratic weather patterns. In a region of France that seldom saw snowfall, it had been snowing day and night.

On January 17th, an earthquake struck the village of Pontmain on the border of Brittany and Normandy, sending tremors through the ancient farm and village buildings and shivers through the village inhabitants, who viewed the unusual earthquake tremors as another Sign from Heaven.

On the evening of January 17th in Pontmain, Cesar Barbedette was working in a thatched-roof barn with his sons, Eugene, age 12, and Joseph, age 10. An older half-brother, Auguste Friteau, had been conscripted into the army and the family had no news from him and did not know whether he was alive, injured, or dead. In the quiet snow-covered village, the sounds of canon fire and artillery could be heard in the distance from the advancing German troops that had overtaken Le Mans and nearby Laval, France.

Six nights before on the evening of January 11, 1871, an unusual Aurora Borealis had appeared in the northern sky above the village, so young Eugene looked out through the small doorway of the barn in anticipation of again seeing the northern lights, but what he viewed across the lane and above the Guidecoq home in the night sky was a Lady of Light, her hands stretched forward and out as a gesture of welcome. She was wearing a dark blue dress strewn with golden stars and she was looking at him with joy in her eyes.

Eugene was soon joined by his brother Joseph who could also see the Lady of Light. When their father joined them and other elders of the village arrived, the elders could not see the apparition, but, as each of the village children joined the small crowd, only the children could see a Lady of Light, who appeared in the night sky surrounded by the stars. She appeared to be about twenty-feet tall and hovered just above the roof of the Guidecoq home across the lane from the thatched-roof barn where the crowd of approximately fifty people finally gathered.

Soon the children began to spell out words that they claimed they could see in a large banner below the Ladys feet. The adults saw nothing unusual, so they separated the children, but each of the children continued to inexplicably report seeing the same letters until finally a complete message was spelled out across the banner.

Listen to the words of Notre Dame de Pontmain as expressed to the children in the banner across the night sky: PRAY MY CHILDREN. GOD WILL SOON GRANT YOUR REQUEST. MY SON WILL BE MOVED BY YOUR PRAYERS.

The children had already begun to say Our Fathers and Hail Marys before they received the full message. They continued to pray most fervently for an end to the war that was in earshot of their village.

Inexplicably that night, the invading and victorious German army began to fragment. Soldier by soldier, they reportedly had become disoriented and disinterested in continuing the war. Later on, a German officer in command of the army sector approaching Pontmain reported that the throng of deserters was indescribable. They were deaf to the voices of their officers.

The appearance of the Lady of Light happened several days before the end of the now-forgotten 1870-1871 French war with the Germans. Following the news that the victorious German army had mysteriously given up the fighting and an armistice was declared, the people of Pontmain credited the prayers of the children for bringing an end to the war. All of Pontmains young men, who had been conscripted as soldiers, returned to the village unharmed following the armistice.

Immediately after receiving the message in the Apparition Chapel of the Basilica de Notre Dame de Pontmain at approximately 6:00pm on April 1, 2006, I was greeted by Soeur Marie, a religious sister from Hungary who was living in the convent adjacent to the Basilica. She handed me a Miraculous Medal and a Notre Dame de Pontmain prayer card in English with the following prayer:

Most gracious Virgin Mary, by your apparition at Pontmain, you reminded us of the importance of prayer, you fortified in our hearts the hope and trust in God, and you gave us PEACE.

Listen now with favour to our most fervent prayers, so that PEACE may be restored in our hearts, in our families, in our country and in all nations. PEACE, the fruit of justice, truth and charity.

Inflame in our souls the wish to live fully in Christian faith, without any compromise, in all circumstances in our lives.

Help us to understand our brethren and to love them in God from the depths of our hearts.




I did not learn about the story of the original Pontmain Apparition or the circumstances concerning a war, until after I received the message from Notre Dame de Pontmain in the Apparition Chapel. It was only then that I learned of Our Ladys intercession in ending the 1870-1871 war at Pontmain.

I also learned, ironically, that when she appeared to the children at Pontmain on the evening of January 17, 1871, she appeared during the same time period that I received the message in the Apparition Chapel on April 1, 2006; approximately 135 years after the original apparition.

Certainly, it is not by coincidence but by Her guidance that I was clearly drawn to Pontmain to receive the April 1st message, a message that is clearly calling us to end all wars in anticipation of entering an ERA OF PEACE!

As Our Lady continuously and repeatedly tells us in Her messages:


On Sunday April 2, 2006, I attended morning Mass in the village of Crevin and then made a return visit to Mont St. Michel with my hosts and friends. While we were driving back to Crevin from Mont St. Michel, a brilliant and perfect rainbow appeared to the east of the roadway and accompanied us for almost 30 minutes. My hosts commented that it appeared that Our Lady was thanking me for being receptive to Her Messages. Immediately following the fading of the rainbow in the East, the sun began to set in the west and I experienced the Miracle of the Sun. A perfect ending to a blessed weekend!

P.S. from Ned April 6, 2006

Arrived in Rome by overnight train from Paris, France. Checked into a hotel near the Vatican. By chance, I arrived at the gates to St. Peters Square in the afternoon just before the start of a crowded Youth Day Celebration by ticket invitation only.

As I stood outside the crowded gateway, I was approached by a hostess who opened the gate and showed me to the one and only vacant front seat in the adult section just before Pope Benedict passed by and in front of me! Photos to follow in future email.