The Mission of Angels Foundation is a non-profit corporation organized in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that is a recognized Public Charity exempt from Federal taxes under 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. We are supported entirely through gifts from friends like you.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Angels Foundation is dedicated to responding to people’s needs to recognize that we are primarily spiritual beings; that we are created by a divine and loving God, that we have been incarnated as human beings; that we are here on Earth to learn and grow; that we each have a mission in life; and that when our life on Earth is over, we return to our spiritual home to our God and Creator.

Our Ten Goals

  1. To enrich our understanding of our spiritual nature and mission in life.
  2. To promote an understanding of the dignity and sanctity of human life at all stages of life.
  3. To promote an understanding of the birth right of every conceived child.
  4. To offer, plan, and perform angelic and miraculous events in the lives of people in need of miracles, particularly for children with critical or terminal illnesses, and for victim families of terrorism and war.
  5. To promote hospice care and near-death counseling and provide social, spiritual and physical support to the dying patient and his or her family.
  6. To assist in feeding, clothing, and providing shelter for the hungry and homeless throughout the world.
  7. To serve as a contact point for nationally and internationally affiliated chapters.
  8. To create, implement, and oversee pilgrimages, programs, services, retreats, and workshops.
  9. To gather and share information concerning the spiritual nature of humankind, including but not limited to information from the following areas: spiritually transformational experiences, near-death experiences, pre-birth experiences, pre- and after-death visions; apparitions; interior locutions, and other spiritual phenomena.
  10. To design, establish, operate, and maintain a spiritually based community to be located in northeastern Pennsylvania, including a holistic healing center, spiritual retreat, and health spa with facilities that integrate spiritual healing arts with the conventional disciplines of science and medicine.

Board of Directors

Ned Dougherty – President

Tom Leddy – Vice President & Treasurer

Michael C. Dougherty – Secretary

For in these End Times, there is no other who will save you and who will fold you in His Arms so that you will be among the CHOSEN FEW who will return in the end of times with Your Lord and Saviour to the Heavenly Realms.

Our Lady of Light

FEAR NOT! For your Heavenly Forces are with all of you in these End Times to protect you from the evils that are being permeated throughout the world by satan and his demonic followers.

St. Michael the Archangel

Recognize that the Eternal Love of the Father in Heaven is with you and through the power of God’s Love you will prevail against the evil of the world.

Jesus the Redeemer