July 4, 2020 @ 2:00pm –

St Rosalie’s Eucharistic Chapel, Hampton Bays, New York

Our Lady of America – Message to the People of the United States of America – This is the Final Battle!

I come to you today as Our Lady of America, for today is once again your annual celebration of the creation of the United States of America and your independence from the oppression and tyranny of the occult and demonic influences of the old world. But alas, the old world occult influences are now being fully harnessed as the new world order, for the spiritual leader of these dark and sinister forces – the evil one – knows that his time is short and that the Father in Heaven, through His Son the Redeemer, Jesus Christ, and with my assistance as the Mother of God’s children, will crush the head of the serpent along with all of his earthly minions and cast them into eternal damnation. Thanks be to God!

The realization of this event and the subsequent transition to a New Heaven and a New Earth must seem far off and distant for you due to the terrible events that are happening in your country but know that the ferocity of these events is because the evil one already knows that he is defeated, and through his negative and putrid energy, he is now in control of many of God’s children who are brainwashed into a program to destroy the sovereignty and nationality of the United States of America.

Know that this is the demonic plan of the evil one, and unfortunately, he is assisted by many of the inhabitants here on earth who have lost their way and have become mesmerized by the evil one and his plan for the demonic new world order, a one-world government, a false ecological religion, and a world economy that will render all of you the victims and slaves of the evil one’s new world order.

If you feel helpless in turning the tide against this evil, know that you are not alone. Many of you have remained silent, and until now, immobile while the demonically influenced anarchists seem to be running without fear while rioting, looting, and burning, creating chaos and confusion for the good people of your country. Know this – that many of your leaders and politicians who permitted these unlawful activities are themselves, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unwittingly, doing the evil one’s work.

You must rise up and stop them and their wicked activities and support your leaders, who you discern are doing God’s work by calling for law and order and a return to the peace and prosperity that you have recently experienced.

Such peace and prosperity does not come from the evil one but comes through the leaders who have been inspired by all that is good to challenge the new world order plan of the evil one.

Know this – that many of the terrible events have been planned in advance in both your secular world and by and through the influences of the demons in the dark side of the spiritual world. Can you not see through your own discernment who the dark forces are by their activities? They are all about the destruction of the sovereignty and nationality of the United States of America. They must be stopped dead in their tracks if you are to assist in the more peaceful transition of your now chaotic world into the New Heaven and New Earth as promised by your Creator.

You must do all that you discern is necessary to contribute as a proud citizen of your country to assist your leaders who are calling for a return to law and order and to erase the negative energy now created ten-fold by satan’s minions.

On a spiritual level, you must – as Powerful Prayer Warriors – pray, pray, pray for the conversion of the United States of America to the patriotic and high ideals of your founders, who were inspired – make no doubt – by the Father in Heaven who has a plan for humanity that is above and beyond the dark plan of the evil one.

I have appeared to you recently as Our Lady of America specifically to lead all of you Powerful Prayerful Warriors through these end times as you cooperate with the Plan of the Father in Heaven to defeat the evil one and all of his snakeheads, as well as his minions who dwell among you and who call for the destruction and dissolution of your country. Do not doubt their intentions which are the intentions of the evil one. They will destroy everything about your once great nation if you allow them to continue to wage chaos and confusion throughout your lands. Do not doubt for a second that they will be successful, if you do not interfere with and disrupt their demonic plans.

Finally, I call upon all of you to return to my recent Messages as Our Lady of America so that you can completely understand what it is that I am specifically imploring of you as Powerful Prayerful Warriors, as well as all of my Messages from Heaven over the many modern years that I have been prophesying to all of you.

A review of My Messages to Humanity will reveal the consistency of my warnings to prepare you for the End Times. You are now in the midst of the End Times that I have warned you to expect. Now is the time of the Final Battle to save humanity from its own destruction.

It is up to you – the Powerful Prayerful Warriors – to assist your Creator, the Father in Heaven; His Son, Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the World; and the Son’s Heavenly Mother; and all of the Angels and the Saints.

I repeat that you are now in the Final Battle. You must rise up and respond to the tasks before you in both the spiritual battle and the secular battle – or all will be lost.

The choice is yours! Do you want to face a demonic and secular future devoid of any spiritual connection or meaning in life? Or do you choose to participate in defeating satan and his worldly minions by assisting Your Heavenly Mother in crushing the head of the serpent, and assisting in casting the demons into the dark bottomless pit of fire and brimstone?

The Father in Heaven promises you a Great Transformation and the birth of a New Heaven and A New Earth for those who answer his call.

The choice now… is yours!

Thanks Be To God!

Message ended 2:33pm


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